Korte & Kowatch have provided the exemplary accounting and financial services and analysis for my family. To a person they are timely, discreet, professional, attentive and forward planners. The firm is organized to serve sensitive and often complicated tax returns and tax services; they excel at every instance. We have a responsibility to pay all requisite taxes due promptly, fully and with transparency. Korte & Kowatch’s professionalism provides assurance that all expectations are met or exceeded. The technical skills and integrity of the principals is exceptional. I recommend the firm and its principals without reservation and with paramount confidence.

— David G. Frey
Frey Foundation

I have worked side by side with my professional colleagues, Dave and Phil for over eight years. They are very bright, energetic and technically sound. We have worked as a team serving common clients and without question Dave and Phil’s core strength is that they really care about the client.  They come to work every day with the goal of serving their client in a better way.  From quick service at a fair price to researching a challenging transaction to selecting automated solutions . . . the client always comes first for Korte & Kowatch.

— William J. Boer
President and Founder of Grey Dunes

I have known Dave since he first entered the public accounting world. At that time, the firm that worked with our company deployed him, and he helped me with my annual tax return.

Dave built a record keeping system that allowed him to move to digital record keeping and later, cloud storage long before it was employed elsewhere. Now essential connections can happen from wherever I am because I now have a portal password and can look at the work papers on any aspect of our casework.

At the same time that Dave was using technology to build up his firm, he was also recruiting young talent; people who shared his idea of how to modernize the activities of tax planning and accounting but at the same time keep a professional process filled with integrity and rigor.

As Dave’s practice grew, we found that we were able to engage him in more lateral services that take advantage of the capabilities that he has been building. This puts Korte & Kowatch squarely on my family wealth team and counsel.

— James P. Hackett
CEO and President of Ford Motor Company

Korte & Kowatch is a “Johnny-on-the-Spot” firm.  The principals are always on hand and ready to perform a service accurately and in a timely manner.

— John G. Russell
CEO and President of CMS Energy

Over the last decade I have worked with David Korte and several mutual clients. I found his approach to be client-centered and collaborative with all vested advisors. His financial and tax law knowledge has been extremely helpful in great planning ideas coming to fruition for the benefit of the client.

— Michael D. Benson

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