Korte & Kowatch Office


“My single greatest accomplishment,” says David Korte, who founded the firm in 2002, “has been the establishment of this boutique family wealth and consulting practice. I have been able to establish an independent practice which allows us to work with some of West Michigan’s wealthiest families and top-level corporate executives.”

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Our services are very much relationship-focused with a high degree of partner attention. We tailor what we do exclusively to our clients’ needs.
— David Korte

When I heard he had opened his own business I thought it would be great to check out his office space. I know space and how it speaks about the values of a company. The Korte & Company location said this to me: understated but smartly done. Dave selected a cool location downtown that suggested he had thought about how to keep overhead low but professionalism high. The site was perfect for a start-up that was going to work with many businesses. Bottom line, his space design said: “I can do this for you.”

-- James P. Hackett

CEO and President of Ford Motor Company

37 Ottawa Ave NW, Suite 200
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
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